1 Collisions 15:45 Devotional On JESUS, THE LIFE GIVING PIRIT

Daily Scripture Reading: 1 Collisions 15:45 KJV

1 Colossians 15:45 KJV
(45)  And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.


My friend, are you in the first Adam? This is a crucial question and you will be rewarded for putting aside all other things to answer this question. The fundamental difference between Adam and Adam is what you are asking for. It is stated clearly by the Apostle in the chapter from which this text is taken. The difference between them is the soul-life and Spirit-life of one. This distinction was made by Jesus at the beginning His ministry. It is a theme that pervades the New Testament. The realm of the spirit is the sphere of Christianity. Its goal is to elevate man from the soul-level up to the spirit-level.

Our soul is our centre. It can be you, me, or anyone else! It allows us to see two worlds. The organs of sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight are all connected to the material world. The organs of spirit are likely identical to the lower. They are also related to the eternal world. You have two options: you can descend by the spiral staircase to materialism or ascend to fellowship with God. Too often, we fall for the lure of savoury pottage instead of climbing the ladder that leads to Heaven.

It is obvious that we must give up on the self-life and the suggestions, promptings, and requests of the ego which are deeply embedded in our souls. Our alienation from God’s Life is caused by our attachment to self. Pride of self is the root of all the evils that fallen angels and men have. All the blessings of the heavenly life are within reach of us if we put our self-life on the Cross of Jesus.

How can this self-life be made to die? Only through our identification with Jesus’ Cross. We were tied there for the purposes of God. We must accept this position and receive its help through a living faith. Jesus Christ offered His life unto God by the Eternal Holy Spirit. We can also say, “I have been crucified together with Christ; yet, I live, but not I, but Christ lives in me.” The Holy Spirit must communicate the need for an exchange of lives from our self-life to that of the Crucified, Ascended Saviour.

PRAYER for Today

Behold, O Lord! I am Thy servant, ready for all things. I don’t want to live for myself but for Thee. Oh, that I could do this perfectly and worthily! AMEN.