Daily Scripture Reading: 2 Collisions 5:1 KJV

2 Collisions 5:1 KJV
(1)  For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.


This CHAPTER starts with “We know”. There is no shadow or uncertainty. It is infused with unwavering conviction from the first to the last. Faith and Hope were almost extinct when it was written. Women and men were wandering in the desert of atheism with no stars in their skies and no oasis in sight. Paul and his companions stood beside him and vowed that certain facts could be proven to man in the midst a decrepit civilization and a lost hope. These facts were not proven by analogy or argument, but they were discerned by Spirit’s intuition and confirmed by the Resurrection Christi.

It is important to distinguish between theories that change with human thoughts and eternal facts which are based on solid testimony and are as steadfast and reliable as the Throne of the Eternal. “We know” –those words had an accent of certainty that changed the world’s outlook.

God’s Objective. Knowing the direction God’s fiery cloud and pillar are leading us is a huge help in our human lives. It will help us to understand the meaning of God in our lives and it will make many things easier. What is God doing in your life? The Apostle answered, “He is trying to make it so that our mortality can be swallowed up in life.” God desires to erase all trace of the Fall from each one of us. It is His intention to remove all that makes us exiled, such as our spirit, soul, and body. He wants our mortality to be swallowed by Life, which is “the life of which we veins are thin, the life for whom our spirits pant, more live, and fuller!” It’s amazing! You, me, and all those who were translated from the region in darkness and brought into His Kingdom of His Son of His Love! Death is engulfed by Life! It is beyond comprehension! We don’t know what we will be. All we know is that we will be like Him. This is God’s goal. For this purpose, He is working in and for us!

PRAYER for Today

Carry me this far,

Christ for me, Man of Nazareth

Talk to me from the quiet night.

As I move onwards, my spirit may be able to see.

The Thy pierced fingers

Lift me up over the ford. AMEN.