Ephesians 6:7 Devotional On FAITHFULNESS IN DAILY LIVING

Daily Scripture Reading: Ephesians 6:7 KJV

Ephesians 6:7 KJV
(7)  With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men:


The common drudgery of everyday life can become a Divine Calling. A young man is often called “being called to ministry” but it’s equally fitting to talk about a carpenter being called the bench, the blacksmith the forge, or the shoemaker his last. “Brethren,” the Apostle said, “let each man wherever he is called, therein will abide with God.”

Your life was chosen by God’s wisdom and providence. God sent Joseph to the discipline and drudgery of prison, just as He sent Joseph to the glory of the palace and its responsibility. There is nothing that God does not plan for us. Even the most tedious situations are often used to help us become stronger and more noble characters.

Our duty is to faithfully perform our duties. It is not brilliance, success, or notoriety that attracts the attention of the world, but regular, quiet, and carefully performed trivial and common tasks; faithfulness in what is least is just as important in God’s eyes as it is in the greatest.

We are co-workers with God in every bit of honest work, no matter how tedious, laborious or commonplace. God must provide for the daily bread of men. He will grow the corn. However, man must harvest and thresh the grain, grind the flour and make the bread. God’s co-worker, the tailor helps Him to dress His children in various textures of clothing. God works with the builder to house His children. Merchants help to bring the East’s products to the West to enrich and refresh the West’s working class. God uses men in a thousand ways for the benefit of his children.

Don’t be afraid to take up your job, those who are the “nobodies”, the “drudges”, the “maid-of-all” workers, the shop assistant, or the clerk. Keep your heart strong and keep an eye on Him, who has for many years worked at the carpenter’s bench. Keep the Lord before you in all the scenes and activities of your life. Be present in His presence and smile to win His smile. Also, cultivate a love for God and men. Be open to cheering on your co-workers. Don’t grumble or murmur, but lift your spirit to God, your Saviour and Friend. The lowest of services will shine, just as grass blades do when dewdrops and sun adorn them.

PRAYER for Today

Do not be far from me O Lord this day, and may all of its hours I do those things that are pleasing in Thy sight. AMEN.