Daily Scripture Reading: Exodus 34:29 KJV

Exodus 34:29 KJV
(29)  And it came to pass, when Moses came down from mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses’ hand, when he came down from the mount, that Moses wist not that the skin of his face shone while he talked with him.


MOSES, AFTER he had viewed as much as God’s glory, returned to the mountain of vision and saw some light. A strange light appeared on his face that was not visible to him but visible to everyone. He remained in God’s presence long enough to be saturated with the glory and light of the Lord. It is no wonder that he was so enchanted by it, that he felt compelled to put on a veil.

St. Paul mentions this incident and shows that the light that shone on Moses’ face is a symbol of the lustre in character which shines from those who see or reflect the glory God has given us. We are transformed into Jesus Christ when we see the glory of Jesus Christ’s face.

Two laws govern Christian living: Keep looking at Jesus until your eyes are like His, and then behold how you are transformed into the same image. Then, reflect Him to others and continue to strive to reflect Him. The old proverb says, “Tell me his company and I’ll tell you his character.” You could go even further and ask him what subjects he is most interested in: art, literature, law, commerce, philanthropy, etc. We will be able predict the expression that will appear on his face.

To be Christ-like, good, pure, and Christ-like, we must live in fellowship and love Christ. By seeing His glory, even the most sinful can be transformed into His image. Christ’s unveiled glory is so different from Moses. We must be careful of any thing that may put a veil between Him, us, and this includes sin, inconsistency, and other things. Moses did not say that his face shone and Samson did not mention that the Lord had left him (Jdg_16.20). There’s a happy and a sad side to being in the unconscious. Let’s make sure we pray and watch so that we don’t get taken by surprise and be deprived of our strength and purity while we are in unconsciousness.

PRAYER for Today

We want to be holy like Thou art holy; love as Christ loved us; be patient and unmurmuring just as He was; and to be like Him so that men can love Him for His likeness in our lives. AMEN.