Galatians 6:2 Devotional On BURDEN-BEARING

Daily Scripture Reading: Galatians 6:2 KJV

Galatians 6:2 KJV
(2)ย  Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.

Today’s Devotional Is BURDEN-BEARING

The Apostle clearly thinks more about the sins and trespasses that men and women commit in these words. We are not to celebrate their failure or talk about it to other people, but we should consider ourselves and remember our own vulnerability to temptation. To be gentle, tender, and compassionate in helping others to bear the weight of shame, guilt, and temptation, we must be kind, gentle, as well as being compassionate. These words are a great comfort to us all. After all, if our Lord expects of us to forgive and restore our brothers, we can count on Him to do the same for us.

Sin isn’t the only thing we have to share with our brothers. The young woman or girl who is unable to pay his dues; the businessman who experiences a sudden reverse; those who are bitterly disappointed; when people are busy criticizing, faces are turned away. Let us help them find the person who has deliberately disappointed everyone, with our tender sympathy. It’s like Ananias coming into Saulโ€™s darkness with the greeting “Brother Saul!”

Sometimes we can help bear the grief of a loss. If the husband or mother suddenly passes away, or the mother has to take care of the children, then it is possible to show practical sympathy and help. Our Lord tried to bear the burdens of others throughout His earthly life, and we should follow His example. Sympathy is sharing in the pain of others. As we try to share in the sorrows and griefs of others, we can help them to lessen their burden. It is impossible to bear a burden without feeling it; we must also be prepared for the pain of other people.

This was Christ’s law, the principle of His existence, and the precept He instructed His followers to follow. Remember, too, that we often lose our own burdens when we carry the burdens of others.

PRAYER for Today

Friends above; friends left below

These rare links are invisible between.

Sweet hearts that are open to noblest charity

Great hearts that work in the outer darkness;

To lend a helping hand in times of need

Thank you for every kind thought, word, and deed.

We are grateful to Thee Lord! AMEN.