Genesis 1:3 Devotional On WALKING IN THE LIGHT

Daily Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:3 KJV

Genesis 1:3 KJV
(3)  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Today’s Devotional Is WALKING IN THE LIGHT

ST. PAUL uses this Genesis passage to say that God, who commanded the light out of darkness, has shined in His hearts to bring the light of the knowledge and glory of God through the person of Jesus Christ. In his experience, he seems to recall that moment on the road to Damascus when the light shone and he saw Jesus’ face. It was almost as if he had gone through the chaos of his experience, while fighting against the conviction. God then said, “Let there Be Light.” He looked up and saw the glory of God in the dear Face who gazed down upon him with unfailing love. It was light replacing darkness and peace chasing away every vestige of the storm.

This is the culmination of the Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts. He guides us out of darkness. He gives us the things of Christ. His only goal is to glorify the Saviour and make Him the Alpha- and Omega of our faith as we walk in the Light.

While I was in Tasmania, I was taken to a mountain range with a large lake measuring fifty-two miles around. Overflow created a perpetual waterfall of one thousand feet. The force of the water was converted into electricity, making light and power affordable for both great factories and domestic purposes. As I considered it, the immense sheet of water reminded me of the Love of God in its desire to help humanity. The descending waterfall could be used to show the Incarnation, which was the Sent of the Eternal Trinity. And the Holy Spirit who brings the Light and Power to our hearts, the invisible, but powerful, electric current was a symbol of this Holy Spirit. It is clear that just as the scientist or manufacturer invents machinery to make the electric current work, so must Christians learn how to adapt themselves to receive and transmit the light and power of God through their union with Jesus.

PRAYER for Today

We pray that the Holy Spirit will keep us walking in the light of Thy countenance. May His love and compassion fill our hearts with the knowledge of Thy nearness. Follow Thy lead and order our steps. Then, walk alongside us. There is no darkness in Thee. AMEN.