Genesis 28:2 Devotional On THE LADDER TO HELL

Daily Scripture Reading: Genesis 28:2 KJV

Genesis 28:2 KJV
(2)  Arise, go to Padanaram, to the house of Bethuel thy mother’s father; and take thee a wife from thence of the daughters of Laban thy mother’s brother.

Today’s Devotional Is THE LADDER TO HELL

BETHEL was a dark moorland at the heart of Canaan. Massive boulders littered the hillsides and levels. Jacob was forced to flee northwards by the swift eastern night as he walked across this barren moor. Jacob decided to lay down on the hard ground and use one of the large stones as a pillow. He slept and dreamed, his mind weaving together his last thoughts in a wonderful medley. It was as if huge slabs of limestone joined together and made a giant staircase that reached from his bed to the starry heights. Angels walked up and down that staircase, looking for the sleeper beneath.

Think of the mystic ladder that is Jesus Christ our Lord. He descended to humanity and ascension to the Throne God. He is the “the Way”, by which “the sons and daughters of darkness and night” can ascend to the eternal Light, Love and Light. You are where? You could be in a moorland, ship’s cabin, settler’s home, humble cottage, or even in the middle of a busy city. Or, you might just be lying in pain on the hospital ward. Jesus will find you wherever you are and take you to Him. One pole is the gold of His Deity and the other is the silver of His Manhood. Transfer to Him all your sins, cares and fears. “Surely, the Lord is here, and I did not know it.” “We have the Mediator between God, man, and God, the Man Christ Jesus.” All of us are under God’s loving care and thoughts. There is always a link ladder between us and Heaven. God’s angels continue to pass between us and Heaven, sending them forth to minister to those who are saved. Let’s make sure that we are there at the bottom of the ladder, waiting to receive the blessings they bring to Earth.

PRAYER for Today

We are grateful to Thee, Father, for the ladder that leads to Heaven from any place Thy children may seek Thee; that Jesus Christ is the Way to Thee and that we can come to Thee through Him; that Thou doest come to us and send Thine angels that will minister to our needs; that Heaven is close to Earth, with compassion, help, and succour. AMEN.