Isaiah 26:19 Devotional On DUST-HEAP SONGS

Daily Scripture Reading: Isaiah 26:19 KJV

Isaiah 26:19 KJV
(19)  Thy dead men shall live, together with my dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust: for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.

Today’s Devotional Is DUST-HEAP SONGS

This CHEERY calls to wake up and sing to all who live in the dust. They are those who live in dark cells of disappointment love and faith or have failed in their lives’ purpose. Or, who like Bartimaeus are reduced to beggary and blind. Hope is depicted as blindfolded with her head downcast and her lyre in her hand. As though she is catching the music of a better age, she sits on the axis earth as it struggles through the storms and clouds. In many people’s lives, string after string has failed and become useless. They have fallen to the ground of despair and death.

You may have lost your sense of God’s love and nearness, not because you are a sinner, but because of physical weakness, mental exhaustion or the loneliness caused by sorrow and suffering. You may have sought an experience of God instead of God Himself. It could be that you have sought Him outside, when He is within.

You may feel confused by the unanswered prayers. “O my God! I cry in the day-time and Thou hearest nothing; and in night time, and I am not silent,” Your prayers are like lost vessels at sea, but no one answers.

Your life may not have fulfilled your early dreams. They lead us to disillusionment, heartbreak, and further years. While life has its rewards and prizes, they are not for everyone!

We pass on Isaiah’s words to all of them: “Awake, sing, for thydew is like the dew light.” This dew represents the grace and love God. Dew will replace dust. It steals the earth so quietly and gently. Dew will caress a patch more tenderly the more sapless and dry it is. It extends its generous operations even to graveyards, biding them wake up and singing with the certainty that Resurrection is near.

Sing! Sing! All of us are susceptible to feelings of despair. “The Lord has chastened and made me feel sore, but He has not allowed me to die.” OPEN THE PORTS OF JUSTICE TO ME, THAT I MAY ENTER INTO THEM, AND PRAISE GOD!

PRAYER for Today

We are grateful to Thee for preventing many of the evils we feared from happening. The storms of life have left their mark. Thy mercy was greater than our sins, Thy resources were larger than our needs, Thy grace was more than the temptation. AMEN.