Daily Scripture Reading: Isaiah 31:5

Isaiah 31:5 (KJV)

5 As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it.


We have three wonderful synonyms for God in this chapter. He is Wise ( Isa 31:1-3). While politicians at that time boasted of their wisdom in securing the Egyptian alliance, their strategy and cleverness were not meant to help them. Why didn’t they consult the Holy One in Israel and seek the guidance of the Almighty? Did His wisdom limit to heavenly and religious matters only? Did He not have the ability to give wisdom to men such as Isaiah for human and earthly politics? The boast of wisdom was laughable among the leaders of the people at the dreadful hour in Jerusalem’s history when they left the Light and Glory the Shekinah to seek out human counsellors and worldly strategies. In religious matters as well as in daily life, wisdom is not a luxury. “If any man lacks wisdom, let him seek God, who gives to all liberally, and upbraith not; it shall be given to him.” He should ask with faith and not doubt! (Jas 1:5.)

He is a Lion ( Isa 31:4). The lion is more formidable than the shepherd groups who try to oppose him with their crooks. He doesn’t fear their shouting, but he treats them with contempt. This does not mean that God’s mighty presence and power would protect the soul who trusts Him. The city might be attacked by all the nations, but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah remained as a watchman! Fearful and afraid of the attack of men, flee to God ( Psa 46:1).

He is like a mother-bird with her nest ( Isa 31:5). These words are amazing! We are so close to God! Our Saviour, who long to bring Jerusalem under His wings, reminds us! In all your worry, anxiety, and fret, believe in a Love who will never leave you!

PRAYER for Today

Our Father God, we can thank Thee for Thy Holy word and all the ways that Thou hast gained our trust and love, O God! We ask for grace to rest under the shadow of Thy wings. AMEN.