Isaiah 32:18 Devotional On QUIET RESTING PLACES

Daily Scripture Reading: Isaiah 32:18 KJV

Isaiah 32:18 KJV
(18)  And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places;

Today’s Devotional Is QUIET RESTING PLACES

ISAIAH’S CONCEPTION OF these quiet places in our lives is outlined in Isa_32.2, as well as the Psalmist in Psa_23.1-6. It is scorching noon. It is almost unbearable to see the limestone rocks. The sunbeams are like sword-blades. All living creatures have fled the heat except for the tiny green lizards, who dart around in search of food or play. The shepherd led his flock of panting sheep down into the valley where large rocks cast shadows. As the brown-hued stream glides between the mossy banks and breaks against the tiny pebbles, you can hear the music! These are the green pastures, the water of rest!

They are not our counterparts in life. It could be the happy childhood days, when we didn’t know temptation and did not feel the constant strain of life’s challenges; it might be the Sunday rest with its blessed pause from all the activity, the peaceful atmosphere of the House of God and the stillness of worship or meditation; it may also be a period of convalescence following long illnesses, where we slowly recover our health and strength. Or, it might be the annual holiday when we spend long, happy days at the coast, in the country, or among the Alps, or on the Broads. We need to have days and weeks where the machinery of life can cool down and the water has time to settle.

We must fulfill the conditions if we want to be allowed into this peaceful home. Make Jesus your King and give Him the entire sceptre. The shadow of the crucified Man from Nazareth must be our refuge from the scorching sirocco and the coven of the tropical tempest. Isaiah states that this confidence and quietness rest on Righteousness, Justice. They are not the result of caprice and arbitrary choices. “God is faithful to forgive us our sins” because the Person of His Son has fulfilled all claims (Rom_5 :1).

PRAYER for Today

O God, may there be a pause to the bustle of daily life. Not only in our outward appearance, but also in our inner temper. Our worries and worries may be carried by Thee, on whom we have cast them, so that nothing can disturb the peace and serenity in our hearts. We ask for peace, for Thou hast already done all our works in us. AMEN.