Isaiah 35:1 Devotional On SPRING IN YOUR HEART

Daily Scripture Reading: Isaiah 35:1 KJV

Isaiah 35:1 KJV
(1)  The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.

Today’s Devotional Is SPRING IN YOUR HEART

Three things make Springtide in the Soul. The feeling of God’s presence. Even though the trees are barren, the frost grips the earth and the wind gathers the dead leaves, we know He is nearby. But, when every hedgerow is covered with flowers, every shrub is lit with fire, every tree clasps its leafy hands and every street is filled with sweet choristers, we can feel His presence. The optimism of unending hope. Spring is the minstrel for Hope. She picks up her lyre to sing of the fair Summer. Life flows through many channels and proves itself stronger than death. Spring triumphs over Winter. Good will prevail over evil. The joy of Love. Spring is the season of love. All creation is attracted to a natural affinity. Love rules in field and forest.

These three elements met in their hearts and made the world fair and young again. The heart sees the outside world using lines it has borrowed from itself. All the echoes are sounded with joy when life is youthful and gay. But, when life becomes a mockery, even the most tender outward scenes, the joy of life returns to us.

The lesson is simple for us. The lesson is clear for us. Be grateful for the love-kindness, tender mercy, and support that has been there all your life. The wilderness and lonely places will also be happy. Life isn’t always what it seems. They might be all that the heart desires, but the Frost King may still reign over them and make it feel more comfortable. While there may be people who have everything bad in their lives, they still find beauty and joy in their surroundings.

The water-starved land will become water springs. You are familiar with what thirst is: for human affection, appreciation, a word of encouragement, and for success. That thirsty land is indeed! If your heart is filled with God, you’ll find that it is musical with streams. And in places where dragons are found, there will be greenery of rushes.

PRAYER for Today

Jesus, please bring us out of our captivity. Give us the grace of Thy presence to fill our hearts with the joy of the Lord’s presence, so that we may be changed and renewed and filled with the Spirit of Heaven. AMEN.