Isaiah 38:14 Devotional On THE CRY OF OPPRESSED

Daily Scripture Reading: Isaiah 38:14 KJV

Isaiah 38:14 KJV

(14)  Like a crane or a swallow, so did I chatter: I did mourn as a dove: mine eyes fail with looking upward: O LORD, I am oppressed; undertake for me.

Today’s Devotional Is THE CRY OF OPPRESSED

This prayer is so flexible that it can be used in any emergency. It also has the assurance that God will take all responsibility. Do you feel oppressed by the fear of failure, temptation, or the guilt of sin? Or are you afflicted by poverty, debt, fear of unemployment, and inability to find work? Or trampled on your home or family? Or are you afflicted by illness, despair or the inability to recover? These are all the benefits of oppression and can be given to your Creator with the assurance that He is willing to do whatever He can for you. He never gets tired of hearing your cry. The Everlasting Arms never sleep; our God never slumbers.

What can we expect from a simple but comprehensive prayer? We will know God. “What shall I say? He hath both spoken to me, and He has done it” (Isa_38.15). Hezekiah was a religious man. He had attended the Temple Services and had enjoyed the friendship of Isaiah. Yet, it was not in any of these that he had ever met God face-to-face. When he turned his back to the wall and let out his soul-anguish, he touched God. He knew Him again after a new fashion. He heard Him speak. And he saw Him working. Some men can only learn to live through illness, loneliness, and overwhelming sorrow.

The pit is where we learn God’s love (Isa_38.17). How do we measure God’s love for us? According to them, the measure of a man’s heart is measured by his fist. Stand beneath the stars, God is at your side! Judge His heart now! It is limitless! That love has pushed our sins to the sea depths. That love has rescued us from the pit of our sins. That love He shows us is tender and patient despite our cold responses and laziness! His love will bring us glory through that love! He is a love that never leaves us!

Keep Jesus’ hand by your side. Look down into the pit where you were redeemed. Then, look up at the Throne God to which He passed at His Ascension. Recall His words: “Where I am, there will ye also be.” He will take care of your little life.

PRAYER for Today

I ask Thee, Father, to open my eyes to a more simple and secure faith. May I trust more than what I know and believe more that I see. And when my heart is broken, may I find the Rock that is higher.