Isaiah 6:3 Devotional On EARTH CRAMMED WITH HEAVEN

Daily Scripture Reading: Isaiah 6:3 KJV

Isaiah 6:3 KJV
(3)  And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.


The PROSPERITY OF KING Uzziah’s reign appears to have weakened the nation’s character. A deep-seated degeneracy was consuming its vitals. The prophet felt dismay at the unbroken summer of wealth and prosperity for fifty years. Isaiah was depressed when he entered the Temple. There, the ritual of the priests, Levites, offering of sacrifice, and antiphonal chanting by the choirs seemed to have further moved him.

The Vision (Isa_6.1-4). He lost sight of the earthly limitations and became conscious of the worship of Seraphim. Their faces were covered before the Divine Majesty and their bodies were clothed in humility. The remaining wings of their wings were ready for obedience. They sang in antiphonal harmony, inciting one another to lower reverence and greater ecstatic praise.

We have a lot to learn from this lesson! How stark contrast this is to our lazy worship and sometimes tardy obedience! We are called to worship the great God through Jesus Christ, but how do we combine our childlike trust with reverence? Do we sometimes seem too glib in our prayer? Are we able to see the need for pure hearts and clean hands when we kneel before Him

The Call (Isa_6-8). Our humble confession of sin must also be made. There was only one solution, the Seraphim knew. The altar coals were glowing white with the blood of the sacrifice because they had absorbed it. They were to be used for cleansing and inspiration.

The Commission (Isa_6.9-13). The prophet did not disappoint. He would not give up on his message even though there were no light in the darkness.

PRAYER for Today

We ask that the Holy God Great cleanses us with the Blood of Calvary and the Fire from Thy Spirit. Cleanse, Call, And Commission Us! AMEN.