James 1:2-3 Devotional On TAKE JOY IN THE HOUR OF TRIAL

Daily Scripture Reading: James 1:2-3 KJV

James 1:2-3 KJV
(2)  My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;
(3)  Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.


We are invited to consider our trials pure joy, as our perseverance eventually leads to the final product of a holy person. Our Heavenly Father is able to see and share all the trials and afflictions we go through. God didn’t save Israel from the affliction of suffering, but he was there with them (Exo_3; Isa_63.9). These bitter Egyptian experiences clearly served a wise purpose. The same goes for us. We don’t understand the reason behind our trials, but we will one day when we are in the light of God. Although sometimes chastisement is the result of afflictions, in others cases it may not be. However, we often experience grief through many trials. This is so that our faith, which is much more valuable than gold that perishes, can be used to praise, honour, and glory in the revelation of Jesus Christ. Let us rejoice and praise His loveliness. It is a wonderful theme to praise! Because the people who wrote them were disciplined, sweet psalms or hymns have soared down through time, bringing comfort to many. It is possible that those who have experienced great suffering will be able contribute to the Heavenly music in a way that the unfallen sons and daughters of light cannot. The Psalter of Eternity would not be complete without the music-sung remembrances of the grace that helped us through our trials and lifted us out of the flames of pain.

We will then tell you how God’s glory arm reached our right as Moses did; how the stony roads became soft like mossy grass; how He led us from the scorching heat to green pastures, and water of rest; and how He gave us the opportunity to be His glorious Name. Yes, we will mention the Lord according to all He has bestowed upon us according to His mercies and according to the multitude His lovingkindness. We will recount the story of how His Angel of Presence saved us, how He loved us and redeemed us, and how He carried us through all the years. We will have a great tale to tell! “My heart and flesh fail, but Thou art my strength and my portion forever!” “All those who trust in Him will be safe and secure.”

PRAYER for Today

Give me, O Lord a strong heart that can withstand any unworthy affections. Give me an unshakeable heart that can withstand any trial; give me an unbroken heart that can withstand any hardship; give me a heart that is upright, so no unworthy purpose will be overlooked. AMEN.