John 12:46 Devotional On OBEDIENCE

Daily Scripture Reading: John 12:46

John 12:46 KJV
(46)  I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

Today’s Devotional Is OBEDIENCE

The LIGHT OF Christ is easily discernible because it signifies the deepest impression of right and the most complete conviction of God’s will. Men all over the world are wondering how they can come to know Christ. There is only one way: Believe that Christ loves you, He died on Calvary to save you, and that His Spirit is leading you to believe every perception and to long for a better, more holy life.

This teaching is so different from the rest of the world! These are the things we must know before we can trust our lives to leaders, no matter what his promises or fair speeches. But Christ asks us to obey the first light that comes upon us and He promises us that if we do so, we will not walk in darkness. Disobedience is like a scale that encloses Christ from us, while obedience takes us into His presence. When we refuse to follow all things that are beautiful, true, right, pure, just and of good reporting, the judgment is always just and the vision is clear.

You might find yourself thinking that there are some duties you don’t do, some crosses you refuse to accept, or some acts you are afraid of. Although you may not have associated it directly with Christ, you can be certain that He has His will for your life and that you will be happy in doing so. It’s futile to attempt to understand Him until the next act of obedience is performed. The mighty forces that Nature has for us cannot be predicted, but we can only know what they will do until we obey its laws in every detail. It is the same with Christ and the laws in the spiritual realm. This was the true words that the Mother of our Lord spoke unto the Cana servants when she said, “Whatever He says unto you, do it!” She probably had learned that lesson during those quiet, peaceful, and blessed years at Nazareth. She realized that understanding Him was impossible if you make Him obey your every word.

“Walk while you have the light,” to know the Light and be light in the Lord.

PRAYER for Today

Forsake yourself, my son, and you will find Me. Lord, how often will I be content with myself and wherein will I give up on myself? Every hour, in all things, and in all small things. AMEN.