John 13:37 Devotional On RESOLUTION AND DEFEAT

Daily Scripture Reading: John 13:37 KJV

John 13:37 KJV
(37)  Peter said unto him, Lord, why cannot I follow thee now? I will lay down my life for thy sake.


PETER’S IMPULSIVE spirit cannot withstand delay – “Lord! Why can I not follow Thee now?” It is easier to jump into battle where passion and excitement may be trusted to make us forget about pain and discomfort than to remain at our posts through long, cold nights on sentry duty.

He miscalculated the power and might of the Adversary. It was the hour when darkness would triumph. It was the hour when the prince of the world would make the greatest effort to keep his place and refuse to be thrown out.

He underestimated his own strength and relied on the emotion of his emotions. He didn’t realize how much he needed more than passionate affection.

He had miscalculated which weapon he should use to defeat the enemy. He thought he had a literal sword and that he would be able to draw it and strike with all his might. With his passion for Christ and cold steel, he expected to be able follow Jesus wherever he led. It is impossible for human passion to sustain the soul when it comes to close grasps with the great Adversary to the Kingdom of God.

He underestimated the power of prayer to bring him help. He was so confident that he chose to sleep instead of pray. The Lord Thrice came to remind him about the urgency of watching for the hour of trial. However, His words were not heeded because it seemed unnecessary. He had already decided to pray.

Then, the crash happened and he was left a broken-hearted person! Similar failures have happened to us. We have reaffirmed our resolve with cold steel. We have now lost the cold steel of our resolve. Keep in mind the words of comfort that our Lord gave Peter: “Thou shalt be following Me afterwards.”

PRAYER for Today

Lord, we would follow thee wherever Thou goest. But we are weak and helpless and will fail the final test. We should not trust our resolutions and vows but the saving power of Thy right-hand. AMEN.