John 14:16 Devotional On THE INDWELLING PIRIT

Daily Scripture Reading: John 14:16 KJV

John 14:16 KJV
(16)  And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

Today’s Devotional Is THE INDWELLING PIRIT

The intercession of our Lord resulted in the GIFT OF THE Holy Spirit. St. Peter mentions it when he states: “Having received from the Father the promise to the Holy Spirit” Act_2:33. In 1Jn_2;1 (R.V.). marg. The word Comforter can be translated as Advocate. He is the one who makes us stronger by His presence, as a Guide, Helper, and Instructor. This means that we have a Comforter who is always there for us. Not a vague influence but a Divine Person. He waits to be our strength, our guide, our counselor, and our comforter in times of sorrow. The Lord intended that the Holy Spirit be all that He was to us. This is the meaning and function of another. There are two Advocates or two Paracletes. The One rose to glory and the Other fell into the hearts His disciples. “He abideth beside you, and will be in you.”

“I will not leave your comfortless: I will be there for you. Christ had previously spoken of sending another; Christ now says that He is coming to you. This is how we discover that Christ is so inexhaustible One with the Holy Spirit Whom He sends that the Spirit’s coming is His own. The Spirit is not to be found apart from Jesus. Jesus comes in the Spirit in the same way the sun appears in the light. We will not think of Jesus when we are filled by the Spirit. Instead, Jesus bears witness to us. When our hearts are devoted to the Lord, it is possible for us to know that He is the Gift of all gifts.

Your whole being is open to the Holy Spirit. Lock every door and open every window to allow the Holy Spirit to infiltrate your life with His glorious indwelling. Jesus said, “I will build a mansion” and “We will make the holy spirit Our Mansion.”

“He will teach you all things.” His lesson-book contains the words and life of our blessed Lord. Although we may believe we know all He has to say, the Holy Spirit guides us through the Bible again and again, always giving new light and deeper insights. Under the guidance of Holy Spirit, never let a day go by without reading some of Jesus’ words.

PRAYER for Today

O God, Thou hast not made us feel helpless. Your gracious intervention of Thy Holy Spirit within us and leading us from grace-to-grace may renew our lives. AMEN.