Daily Scripture Reading: Luke 10:27-29 KJV

Luk 10:27 KJV
(27)  And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.


We cannot live in isolation. We cannot live in isolation. I am not just a centre; I am also part of another man’s circumference. Every other woman, man, or child that I know is part my circumference. We are all members of one another. We all have neighbours, or, in other words, we are all members of one another. A complete human life must also have windows that open to the infinite Creator.

We naturally think of our neighbours when we speak about neighbors. This is why we tend to focus on those who live in the same street. These people are often well-off and comfortable, so it is difficult to help them. However, this definition of neighbor is too narrow and limited, as our Lord demonstrates in the parable about the Good Samaritan. Jesus answered the lawyer’s question about who his neighbor was. He said “Be a neighbor to someone else.” If it was asked who his neighbour was, Jesus replied, “Be a neighbor to someone else.” But he needs to be tended to and treated with the natural brotherhood love.

An agent might be paid by a wealthy man to guard the dangerous road between Jerusalem and Jericho, as well as to help those in need. However, it would not have the same positive effect on his character or on the men who were assisted, as personal ministry. Combining the two is a better option, as our personal experience with such cases will allow us to direct our agents and live in their efforts so that they can become our own. The best policy would be to be elected to the Council or Magistrates’ bench so that we can put an end the thieves who infest our roads.

Don’t forget that money is not the only way to help your neighbors. Men and women most need compassion, empathy, compassion, your hand, and heart-help. Some of the greatest benefactors in our history have said, “Silver and Gold have I none”. It was especially true for our Lord, who was poor to help us. He couldn’t have done it if He had been rich. Let Him be our example, Who came not only to be ministered to, but also to minister.

PRAYER for Today

Show me today, O Lord, the little one among Thy children to whom I should give a cup water in Thy name. AMEN.