Matthew 11:28-30 Devotional On Keeping Step With Jesus

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:28-30 KJV

Matthew 11:28 KJV
(28)  Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Today’s Devotional Is Keeping Step With Jesus

Jesus invites us to come to Him and take His yoke upon us, and learn from Him. But what does it mean to take His yoke? It means to desire to do the Father’s will as Jesus did. This was the focus of His life. It was so compelling that people left their jobs, ambitions, and even their sins, to follow Him. Saul, the proud Pharisee, gave up his aspirations for high honor and worldly success to be associated with Christ in redeeming a lost world.

However, being associated with Christ requires agreement and purpose. There can be no fellowship between light and darkness, or between the Christian soul and the unbeliever. The yoke means subsoil plowing. Christ saw the hard surface of mankind, the spirit of man caked over by years of neglect and resistance. Before salvation can be effected, the subsoil has to be turned up, and the thoughts of many hearts revealed.

The yoke means fellowship. The Divine and the human united in feeding the five thousand, turning water into wine, and raising Lazarus. There has never been an island redeemed from cannibalism to service for Christ, or a paralytic cleansed and healed, apart from the cooperation of the Divine and human. Yoke-bearing anticipates the harvest. We plow the furrow in hope, knowing that one day the harvest will be ripe, and One like the Son of Man will reap.

Let us keep step with Jesus, and take His yoke upon us. May we desire to do the Father’s will and find joy in sharing in the harvest-home.

Prayer For Today

Lord, the fetters You impose are wings of freedom. Surround my heart with the cord of Your captivating love. Bind me to Yourself as You bind the planets to the sun, so that it may become the law of my nature to be led by You. Amen.