Matthew 1:21 Devotional On GLORY TO GOD IN HIGHEST

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 1:21 KJV

Matthew 1:21 KJV
(21)  And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Today’s Scripture Reading Is GLORY TO GOD IN HIGHEST

JESUS WAS “born to be a Saviour.” It is not surprising that Jesus, being the King of Love and all He is, entered into such close identification with those who needed Him most. Is it possible that Infinite Love would have stood by and watched? Every soul that enters the human family contributes to its vitality. Our race owes a lot to the great souls who have been born into it. But how much more to Him, who was in the form God and considered it not robbery that it be equal with God! He gave up the Creator’s mighty power and chose to be born in a stable so that He could share the lives of the poorest and the most humble.

Jesus must have felt a burning love for men! His zeal for mankind ate Him up. He had a genuine passion for humanity. We should have the same enthusiasm for humanity in our hearts. We should ask ourselves if the “love Christ–i.e. The very love that He poured out on us–may also limit us. We must be open to inconveniences, limitations, and the wearing of swaddling clothing if we are to get close to others without feeling distant or aloof.

“Glory to God In the Highest” (Luk_2;14). This stooping down to death, even death on the Cross, has done more for the Father’s glory than any other act. (Php_2:6-11). As if God were only in Nature, men have shown adoring reverence for God. Peace on Earth will only be possible if we place God’s glory as our primary end and purpose. If you live for God’s glory, peace will be yours and your life will be filled with goodwill and blessings for others.

As they made their way back to the flocks, the shepherds’ “glorifying God” song must have amazed everyone. It was a wonder that had changed their lives. Because we are so common and ordinary, so unmotional, so passive, and so indifferent to ourselves, it is difficult for us to forget about ourselves. We can never be beyond ourselves. David said this while he was muttering about the fire. Let us reflect on God’s love in his descending to our world and in living our lives, and in dying for us on The Cross. We will then burst into song and return to our normal lives with the flow of a fresh spirit (Luk_22:30).

PRAYER for Today

My Father God! My life motto shall be “Glory to God In the Highest.” Only then can peace and goodwill toward men be achieved. May my heart sing in unison to the Angel’s song. AMEN.