Matthew 22:39 Devotional On OUR DUTY TO OUR NEIGHBOUR

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 22:39 KJV

Matthew 22:39 KJV
(39)  And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.


OUR NEIGHBOUR, whether a man, woman or child, is the next person in need of our assistance. It’s enough to know that help is needed and that you are nearby! We can see our neighbors and what we can do for them as we read the following paragraph from an old Jewish law.

We have to give them the chance to live (Mat_22.9-10). It is against the law to dispose of anything that could be useful to others or to keep all our possessions. There should always be some money left over to help those in need. It would be great if every reader would set aside a portion of their produce and money for Christ’s poor.

We cannot withhold payments that are due (Mat_22.13). How many traders and other businessmen have been destroyed by long delays in customers settling their accounts? It would be a blessing revolution if all Christians would insist that cash is paid, particularly to small-scale shopkeepers. It is not honest or right to withhold payment from the ones who owe it.

Jesus said that we must be gentle and compassionate towards those with any kind of infirmity. God’s love is always trying to help those who are disabled. Helen Keller is able to overcome insurmountable obstacles, while Milton the blind sings of Paradise. We will be able to hear the deaf and see the blind.

Rebuke sin must be done immediately (Mat_22.17). This requires deep humility, patience, tact, the removal from one’s eye of the beam, and the love of Christ. But, how much can we do if we keep the little rift in the lute?

We should not hold grudges (Mat_22.18). This is all hard! How many of us fail to see the importance of feeling hurt, taking offence, being cold and stiff, or standing at a distance. We must speak out in God’s love and act as if we had no grudges.

Christ was asked by the lawyer: “Who’s my neighbor?” He suggested that he should be surrounded by others. Our Lord reversed the question and said, “Whom will your neighbour?” You will find it difficult to live a life that is not focused on finding people to be your neighbours. But, if you are determined to seek out others to help you succeed, you will never have enough.

PRAYER for Today

O Lord, soften and warm our hardened and steely hearts and our icy and frozen hearts so that we can wish well for one another and be true disciples of Jesus Christ. AMEN.