Matthew 25:10 Devotional On The FOLLY OF NOT BEING PREPARED

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:10 KJV

Matthew 25:10 KJV
(10)  And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.


THE FOOLISH virgins made five great mistakes.

(1) They did not make provision for the continued operation of their light. It’s not enough to have a lamp. You must also keep it lit so that the fire can continue to burn. There are many who are fire-branding and serious in the beginning stages of their religious lives, but have not made provision to keep the flames lit by God’s grace. They have lamps but they have not taken oil. Oil is for fellowship with Jesus Christ, for the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, daily study of Scripture, and the intermingling of worship with fellow-Christians.

(2)They slept. There was a distinction between the sleep of fools and the sleep of the wise. There are two types of sleep. The first is characterized by a feeling of security and trust. All preparations have been made. We are confident that God will take care of us. Peter fell asleep in prison before the angel arrived to free him. There is another type of sleep. There is another kind of sleep. It is the sleep of the sentry when the foe is taking up the pass; the sleep of pilot when the ship is making for the stricken teeth of the rocks; and the nurse when the patient’s life hangs in the balance. These foolish men had no right not to sleep when they were so unprepared to meet the Bridegroom. We cannot take things for granted or say, “Peace, Peace, when there isn’t peace!”

(3) They believed they could get oil from the wise. The appeal was futile. In the eyes of God, each person must carry his own responsibility. While we may be able to “buy without money or without price,” each person must accept the grace and power of Jesus Christ for himself.

(4) They thought they could get in. “Lord Lord, open to me!” The door was closed forever! “How can we escape, if so great salvation is not taken care of?”

(5) They thought the Bridegroom would recognize their names. He replied, “I don’t know you.” Ask each other: “Does Jesus recognize me?” Is he going to recognize me? To be certain, you must kneel at His Cross until He seals you with the Holy Spirit.

PRAYER for Today

We pray, O Lord that our lives will be oil lamps. We need to be bright and shining lights in this dark world. AMEN.