Matthew 4:4 Devotional On BREAD WINNING

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 4:4

Matthew 4:4 KJV
(4)  But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Today’s Devotional Is BREAD WINNING

THE QUESTION Satan asked our Lord must be answered in all of our lives. Is bread and bread-getting the key? Do we consider it the first or last thing that comes to mind? Satan’s view of life is that the bread question is primary; Christ views it as secondary. Are you unsure which policy you choose? What would you do in a crisis? The temptation to our Lord is all around us. Whether we are on the lonely mountainside or in the bustling streets of life, the Devil will suggest that we live. In the end, we must eat or get our food, with no regard for purity, truth, honour or God.

These two methods are suggested at every pivotal moment in the history and development of inner life. Satan suggests: “Make these stones bread.” Christ suggests: “Man will not live solely by bread. But by the word God.” We have to choose between God or mammon. There are many parts of our nature that are susceptible to hunger attacks. Satan offers us food; love tempts us to take it from God; knowledge tempts us to search for it in ways that aren’t illuminated by eternal truth.

God, who created us with strong appetites and strong desires, also knows that food is essential. The body is more that meat. God is responsible for providing the food. The angels of His blessing are already on their way to you and have been given the task to bring with them all that you need. Don’t leave your life in the hands of God and follow His lead. He will take all responsibility. They can’t be ashamed to wait for Him. Keep in mind the angel who prepared Elijah’s meal in the desert and the breakfast our Lord prepared for His hungry and tired friends. You can trust Him and wait for him, even if there is only one step between you death and His riches in glory. He will provide all you need. Trust in the Lord, do good; so thou shalt dwell in the land and verily thou serach fed.”

PRAYER for Today

We ask for grace to seek Thy kingdom first, and its righteousness, with the certain and sure faith that all other things will be added to us. AMEN.