Daily Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 9:38 KJV

Nehemiah 9:38 KJV
(38)Β  And because of all this we make a sure covenant, and write it; and our princes, Levites, and priests, seal unto it.


It is good for a soul make a covenant to God. These were his memorable words on Milton’s twenty-third birthday.

“Yet it be less or more, soon or slow.

It will be maintained in the strictest possible measure.

That’s the same amount, no matter how high or low.

I am directed towards the direction of Time and the will to Heaven.

If I have the grace to use it, all is well

As always, in my great Taskmaster’s eye.”

This was his covenant to God. He never wavered from the path he chose, even in his prime as Cromwell and in his beautiful old age under Charles II.

Wordsworth’s magnificent lines about returning from village merry-making that had lasted all night and how, lo, the glory a summer-dawn was sweeping over the hills are unforgettable. He adds to his description of its beauty:

“Vows were made to me.

This is what I should be doing, or else I would be sinning very much.

An unwavering spirit.

These chapters in Nehemiah outline some principles that may be included in our covenant to God.

(1) Do not allow any private or commercial activity that is contrary to the high ideals set forth in the Bible.

(2) To reserve a portion of our income and to give time for the maintenance of God’s House and Work.

(3) To observe the Rest-Day.

A covenant is made between two people. Our resolutions are not strong enough to hold us accountable. Even the most passionate vows and protestations may not be enough to save us from being thrown into trial. Our covenants are only permanent if God is a party to them. If Jesus is our Cosignatory, we will have a safety-guard and certainty that no powers of evil can overthrow.

Livingstone made a covenant with God to heal the Arab slave-trade’s open plague-spot. In some cases, a covenant like this has been made with blood. As a young man, D. L. Moody prayed this prayer: “Great God! Let the world learn from my life what Thou canst do through a man who is completely devoted to Thee!”

PRAYER for Today

We offer ourselves to Thee, O God as a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable. This is our reasonable service. Fulfill through us Thy good pleasure and the work with faith with power. AMEN.