Proverbs 16:9 Devotional On MAN’S WAY! GOD’S DIRECTION

Daily Scripture Reading: Proverbs 16:9 KJV

Proverbs 16:9 KJV
(9)  A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

Today’s Devotional Is MAN’S WAY! GOD’S DIRECTION

THE WAYS OF A MAN. We justify them to ourselves and believe they are right. But, we are susceptible to being deceived. Our sanctified common sense or, to use the phrase in our text, our heart must carefully and thoughtfully plan our path. Begin by asking God for guidance. Next, weigh the pros and con’s. Then, look at the situation from the perspective of trusted friends. Make sure your eyes are focused on God’s will. Ask God to guide you through any foolish, hurtful or dangerous situations. If you are sincere and prayerful about following these rules, you will never make a mistake. Your whole body will glow if your eye is clear (i.e., single).

There are many reasons to use our faculties of judgement and choice. Samuel sent Saul away with the words, “Thou shalt do whatever occasion shall serve you”; Peter is also mentioned as having thought about the matter and then came to Mary’s.

All human decisions are guided by God’s purposes. Man must have the ability to design his own steps or we will become robots. All our choices and volitions must be submitted to the Will and Rule of the Most High. We must give God our works and ways. Our burdens and our sins must be rolled on the faithful Creator. What good is worrying about past mistakes? They cannot be undone, but we can ask God for help. He will correct the errors and make up for any failures. Follow the direction of the Father. If you are unable to resolve the issue despite all your planning and devising, ask the Father for His help.

Let us strive to live in a way that pleases the Lord (Pro_16.7). St. Paul said, “We beseech You,” that you follow the same path as we did. Waiting on God to show us the way is important. Via Crucis via Lucis is a sure sign. Jesus said, “I am The Way: Follow me!”

PRAYER for Today

Guide us, O God! Make the darkness visible before us, make the crooked and rough places clear. Let Thine Angel lead you into the freedom of the sons God. AMEN.