Psalms 100:2 Devotional On THE SACRIFICE OF PRAISE

Daily Scripture Reading: THE SACRIFICE OF PRAISE KJV

Psalm 100:2 KJV
(2)  Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.


The HUNDREDTH Psalm can be rightly called “A Psalm of Thanksgiving.” (R.V.). Psalmists call for “joyful sound,” i.e. An audible expression or worship. Don’t be content to just show gratitude, but do it! It’s good to let God “the fruit” of your lips. The soul that is filled with love and adoration will spread its song like a bird awakening the entire choir in a woodland glade. It is amazing how often Christians are unable to advance Christianity because of their gloominess, depression, and dullness. His service is complete freedom and we should delight in Him!

Regular church attendance is important for the opportunity to worship. Let us “enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise!” Let us pray and meditate to ask for His approval so that we can stand in His Presence and offer praise and worship to Him, mingled together with the fragrance from our Saviour’s name (Rev_8.3-4).

“The Lord is good!” There are many mysteries and much sorrow in this world. It is important to believe in God, and be able to affirm His goodness under all the difficulties of modern life. His goodness and His truth are combined with His mercy. While men can do the worst, His truth endures to all generations. It is an immovable Rock on which sin cannot make any sensible impression. It is a comfort to know that His mercy is eternal. We require patience, forbearance and perseverance so that we don’t despair of God’s mercy. But, it extends to all generations until the end of Time.

PRAYER for Today

Blessed be the Lord, O my soul. And don’t forget all His blessings. AMEN.