Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 107:43 KJV

Psalm 107:43 KJV
(43)  Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the LORD.


There are many ways to understand the love and mercy of God. It may be a matter doctrine. It is best to study His Word with reverent devotion, in order to increase our understanding of God’s infiniteness. It’s a weak religion that ignores doctrine. Doctrine is what the bones are for the body. Doctrine is the spiritual equivalent of law. The doctrines and foundations of grace are the jewelled foundations for a holy life. Look for the ministry that builds upon them. Read the books that recognize them. Meditation may help us to see it. We should be more quiet to the Holy Spirit so that He could fix our wandering thoughts on the love that surpasses knowledge of Christ. The unconditional love that loves us in Eternity, which has not let us go in Time and has been shown in its fullest intensity by the Calvary wounds! It may be something we also see with our own eyes. Kepler, the great Astronomer, once exclaimed, “I have been thinking about again the earliest thoughts God.” In the glow of a warm, loving heart, surely we feel a small pulsation from His love every time we give our lives for others or take on another’s cross.

Are we able to praise God enough for His goodness and lovingkindness? While we are eager to pray and cry out for help from God, do we take the time to list His mercies and give praise for them? “Oh, that men would praise God for His goodness and His marvelous works to the children! (Psa_107:8, Psa_107:15, Psa_107:21, Psa_107:31). It has happened many times that I have woken up tired and out of my heart, the harp on willows, the soul beating down by an east wind, and the Bible-study or prayer had failed to grasp. The disconsolate heart began to praise God, to give thanks for His mercies, and to worship the Majesty and Glory of God. The soul has begun to thaw, the spirit has gained wings, the sky has cleared and the angel-song is singing its Hallelujah. The Divine Presence-Chamber has taken us to joy and gladness. Our night is over and our sorrow and sighing are gone.

PRAYER for Today

Father, Thou hast shown love to us; Thou doest love us; Thou will love us forevermore. Thy love transcends knowledge. It wraps me in a warm, sunlit sea that engulfs every inch of my small life. It is a warm, sunlit ocean that I can swim in but cannot reach its limits. Its length and depths are a thanksgiving to Thee. AMEN.