Psalms 116:12 Devotional On GRACE OF GRATITUDE

Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 116:12 KJV

Psalms 116:12 KJV
(12)  What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me?

Today’s Devotional Is GRACE OF GRATITUDE

GOD’S BENEFITS can be compared to a cup of salvation or chalice. It is natural to refer to man’s lot in life, whether it be of joy or sorrow, as the cup from which he drinks. Our lives are filled with examples of God’s saving grace. “My cup runs over” is a common expression. We ask: How can we be thankful enough for His help? We ask, what can we do to Him for His generous help?

There are many ways to answer this question, but the first one is that we will take. The best way to give to God is to take from him, because God loves to give. St. James said: “He is a generous God who gives freely without regard to personal gain and just for the joy of giving.” Then, what will please Him more than to trust Him to find His recipients, to know that He is willing to make us His poor debtors with ten thousand talents and no money to repay, while still receiving and receiving from His great Heart of Love? God is not happy when we don’t accept His greatest gift. We are causing the most inhumanity and dishonour to Him.

Next, we need to call on His Name (Psa_116.13-17). As a test, use the Name of God. This powerful Talisman should be used to test friendships, plans and profits, as well as amusements and studies.

Our vows must be kept (Psa_116,14-18; Ecc_5 :4-5). Sometimes we forget to keep our vows after the trouble is over. It is the heights of ingratitude to not redeem promissory notes. All devoted items, when placed on God’s altar are His and the giver loses all rights to them.

Psa_116.16 says that gratitude requires us to give of ourselves. Robinson Crusoe released the poor prisoner. The man kneeled before his rescuer and placed his foot on his neck to show his gratitude. We are freed from the chains of sin and bound to the service love.

PRAYER for Today

We would like to thank Thee Father for all the blessings we have received from Thy goodness. The greatest thanksgiving we can give to Thee would be to live in accordance with Thy holy will. Grant us the grace to do this every day and grow in the knowledge and love of Thy will.