Psalms 143:10 Devotional On THE LEADING OF SPIRIT

Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 143:10 KJV

Psalms 143:10 KJV
(10)  Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness.

Today’s Devotional Is THE LEADING OF SPIRIT

TEACH ME to do Thy Will, i.e. Your life is your responsibility. You must be certain that you want to do God’s will at all cost. Even if you don’t want to do so, you should be open to being made willing. You can trust God to make you willing. His people will be made ready in the day of His power. Once this is resolved, God will, through His Holy Spirit, teach you the things He desires and help you do them. If you speak, Lord, for Thy servant listeneth, then you will hear God speaking to you.

“Thy Spirit Is Good.” Our only hope is in the Holy Spirit. We would be lost without the infinite goodness, patient gentleness, and loving forbearance that the Holy Spirit has shown us. Only infinite Goodness can bear with our flaws and backslidings as well as our lapses into coldness, indifference, and our perverseness, and obstinacy. We can count on God’s Spirit being good to pervade us with His holy influence until our evil nature is overcome and we are made good in our measure. Barnabas is described as a “good man” because he was filled with the Holy Ghost, faith and was always full.

“Lead me.” “Lead me.” This is the prayer of the Psalmist: Teach me, lead and quicken me. Let us make this prayer ours. There is no better way to be led rightly than to surrender to our gentle, gracious Guide. As little children, we need to be guided. The mother or nurse holds the child’s hand, leads him to school, then comes back to fetch him. Some of us are blind and require a gentle hand to help us navigate the darkness. Let us walk in and with the Spirit, let the Spirit lead us, and be sensitive to the Spirit. We will then instinctively know God’s Will and follow it.

PRAYER for Today

I need someone to guide me through the darkness.

Because I am as weak and helpless a child.

If I am the only one who has to go on my journey,

My feet will stutter on the wild mountains.