Psalms 147:11 Devotional On GIVING GOD PLEASURE

Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 147:11 KJV

Psalm 147:11 KJV
(11)  The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.

Today’s Devotional Is GIVING GOD PLEASURE

GOD LOVES our faith. “Without faith, it is impossible for Him to please”; however, the alternative is that He sees our faith as precious, even if it be just the touch of His garment.

God works in us to will to His good pleasure. The Apostle said that we should walk in a way that pleases God. How do we achieve this? It is beyond our control. It is not within our power, but it is a blessing to know that He will make us perfect in all good works He does (Heb_13.21).

There are many ways we can please God. Generosity is a well-pleasing sacrifice that is acceptable to God; obedience is well pleasing unto God; a holy, humble walk with God, such as Enoch’s will bring this testimony, which is that it has pleased God. We must not disappoint Him. Let us “walk worthy of God unto all pleasing.”

PRAYER for Today

We pray to God that Thou wouldst make of us the things Thou wouldst want us to be, so that we can perfectly please Thee and worthyly magnify Thy Holy name. AMEN.