Psalms 61:5 Devotional On FIDELITY TO OUR PLEDGERS

Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 61:5 KJV

Psalms 61:5 KJV
(5)  For thou, O God, hast heard my vows: thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name.


The sorrows of death had brought down THE PSALMIST. But God graciously intervened and delivered him. He now walks before Him in the Land of the Living. The cup of salvation seemed to have been placed in his hand and it was filled with blessings. He said that God had released him from his chains, as though he was a wild creature in the woods who had been trapped, but is now free to live his former happy life.

In such situations, it is normal to wonder, “What will I do to repay the Lord for His kindnesses towards me?” First and foremost, we should honor the vows we made when we were in trouble. There is nothing that can so devastate the heart more than to swear and not to pay.

For many reasons, we should keep our vows. It is disobedient to God to be rash with His promises; second, it damages character, making it difficult to resolve and not do. Third, it can also cause a problem for those who have heard us say our vows. Fourth, if a vow is not kept, it shows that we have failed in both vowing and performing. It is possible to be confident that a deed will become permanent if God has wrought it from its inception through its completion (Joh_3-21).

You have made a vow to God that you will serve Him. If you promised money, service, devotion, amendment or gifts, make sure you keep your word. Psa_116.16 is a powerful affirmation: “O Lord! Truly I am Thy servant!” This sentence’s reduplication is significant, especially when it is paired with Psa_118.27. Are we not required to be bound by the cords and promises of faith, hope, and love of God’s mercies and the grace of the Holy Ghost? Our resolutions and promises are so fragile and uncertain. But God’s grace is enough to make us the best versions of ourselves (Rom_12,1-2).

PRAYER for Today

Protect us O Lord from the treachery and unfaithfulness of our hearts. We are too weak and inept to undertake any virtuous or gallant undertaking. Grant that our vessel may be brought to shore and to our desired haven. AMEN.