Psalms 90:9 Devotional On THE TALE OF YEARS

Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 90:9

Psalm 90:9 KJV
(9)  For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told.

Today’s Devotional Is THE TALE OF YEARS

This Psalm is almost unsurpassed in its sublimity and a worthy monument to the inspired genius of Moses, “the Man of God”. It depicts the wilderness march’s wanderings and experiences; the watchful eye against the Bedouin thief or prowl by the wild beast; torrential rain that quickly disappears; the rush of flood; the scorched morning grass; the stories of camp spies; the disappointment at the springs in Marah; Elim’s inevitable departure. The long, tiring days of marching, mother and baby, the elderly and young children, and the weakling along the desert trail – all these are emblems of transitories that depict the trials and struggles of daily life. Transgressions and secret sins; the death at eighty of the elderly and the death of a young child who is a fragile flower; and the averted face God. Yes! Despite all of this, God is the dwelling-place of each soul and the home of every generation.

Were we not to make the final petitions of this Psalm ourselves? We are also pilgrims from the desert-waste to the eternal home. It is important to be more mindful of the days we have left, and to watch their diminishing numbers with an anxious eye to make the most of them. To have eternal springs of joy and gladness, we need to be content and replenished every morning by God’s mercy. We want to see the evil power overthrown. As we age, we pray for the beauty of God’s grace to be upon us and that we may feel that His work is permanent.

PRAYER for Today

How can we adequately thank thee, Lord, for bringing Life and Immortality to life and destroying death? We ask for grace to follow thee throughout our lives, and that when the Call comes to pass over may The waters of the River be at their lowest level. AMEN.