Psalms 91:2 Devotional On DIVINE DELIVERANCE

Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 91:2 KJV

Psalms 91:2 KJV
(2)  I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

Today’s Devotional Is DIVINE DELIVERANCE

It is assumed that this Psalm was composed by Moses, “the Man of God,” so that it may be used to help Israel flee Egypt. To “abide under” the Almighty reminds us of His words: “How often would you have gathered thy kids together, as a chicken gathereth her brood under her wings,” and “you would not.” Bunyan states that the hen has four callings: the call to night, the call to food, the call to peril when the hawk approaches and the call to brooding love when she wants her children under her wings. Today God calls to us all, saying: My children, make My secret place, My environment, My constant keeping, your home. He who dwells in the secret place will be under the wings God. Let us listen to the brooding cry from God our Father when night draws near, when food and money are scarce, when we feel helpless or in despair.

God is ready to protect us in all our ways. We believe God will somehow bring us out, but we don’t expect Him to keep us blameless of soul. We expect to be taken to Heaven, but that our lives will be ruined and battered along the way. Our God can surely do more for us than this! He can stop us from succumbing to passion, jealousy and hatred, pride, envy, and other sins.

The promise is clear: He shall give His angels charge of thee, to keep you in all thy paths”–the business, social, and service ways into which God may direct us, as well as the suffering or sacrifice ways. Let us humbly and simply ask for the fulfillment of the promises made in this Psalm. He will answer all your prayers. He will always be there for you when you are in trouble. He will provide you with many years of happiness or much more quickly, and He will show your the wonders of His salvation.

PRAYER for Today

Lord, Thou art within me to strengthen me; without my permission, to keep and protect me; below me to support me; in between me and you to guide me; around me to defend me. AMEN.