Romans 15:5 Devotional On THE GOD OF PATIENCE and COMFORT

Daily Scripture Reading: Romans 15:5 KJV

Romans 15:5 KJV
(5)  Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus:

Today’s Devotional Is THE GOD OF PATIENCE and COMFORT

We all need patience and comfort, especially during times of stress or difficulty. Patience during long-drawn-out trials; Comfort when the heart is breaking; God is the source of both! God is the God of Patience! “I waited patiently to the Lord, but He inclined unto my plea, and he heard my cry.” God of Comfort! “As his mother comforts, so will I comfort him.” We should all obstruct any other consolation voices so that we can hear the still, small voice of The Comforter, who comes from the Father or the Son.

Notice that He speaks through Holy Scripture’s patience and comfort. “Whatever things were written before time were written for our learning. That is why we can have hope through the patience and comfort of Holy Scriptures. The Bible is the only thing that has ever been for the martyrs, the suffering on the rack and the harried Covenanters from the Scottish moors. It’s the only way to tell the story of the many unknown people who have been persecuted, lonely exiles, and grieving hearts.

We would have difficulty choosing between the Psalter or the Fourth Gospel if we were to be banished. Many would choose the Fourth Gospel, others the Psalter, and some would pick the Epistle To The Hebrews, a wonderful anonymous writing. Each one would be worth enough to spend a lifetime exploring. His Spirit will always be with us, enabling and teaching. His staff and shepherd rod will always lead us to the living fountains of waters. He is constantly recognizing the Divine ideal in us and increasing our faith in God.

This is not comforting! This is comforting! His constant intercession when the sun is no longer shining and the universe is worn out. His ministry is unalterable. We will not be disappointed by the God of Comfort and Patience!

PRAYER for Today

Comforter of the lonely, tie my heart to Thine in intercession. Bind broken hearts wherever they are: captives, let them go. Bless my beloved ones. Bring Thy salvation upon us, and give Thy gifts to all our needs. AMEN.