Romans 8:2 Devotional On THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT of LIFE

Daily Scripture Reading: Romans 8:2 KJV

Romans 8:2 KJV
(2)  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

Today’s Devotional Is THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT of LIFE

The law of gravitation is something that even the most simple child can understand. This word comes from Latin gravitas which means the attraction of weight to weight. The down-pull is what gravitation is for matter. This down-pull is something that every person who seeks to live a better life is aware of. In our inner experience, the laws of gravity in nature have a counterpart. There is always a pull to the centre gravity, i.e. To myself – what I like, what is best for me, and what I prefer. The speed of the soul’s descent into the flesh, or self-life, becomes faster and more rapid. If it weren’t for the law that the Spirit of Life is in Christ Jesus, the child of God would fall at a velocity equal to the depraved sinner.

Overcoming the Earth-pull It may be seen in the singing of the lark as it rises. It is a joy to see the gulls as they move along with the boat. They are uniformly and evenly soaring. The bird doesn’t float in the air. It balances itself. It measures its wings against its mass and resists the earth-pull. If the flight means are damaged, the bird will fall on water or land. The bird, even though it is an albatross and flies on land, will be unable to fly if the oil from its oil-driven vessel causes oily water to collect on it. It will die if its wings become stuck to its body by the oil-bath.

The Spirit operates according to Law ,–“the law of Spirit of Life. You must not offend Him with insincerity and hatred. Once you become aware of the diminishing of His energy, you can go back until you find the place where you lost the thread of your obedience to His gentle promptings. Confession and restitution will help you to recognize His mediation of the Law of Life, which laughs at sin and death. Your wings will be like an eagle’s, or the flight of a lark, going sunward, heavenward and Godward. You must make time for holy things, such as meditation, prayer, and the use of Scripture.

PRAYER for Today

Please help me Lord to live according to Thy promises. I am grateful to Thee for implanting the germ of Thine very nature. I will not be abandoned nor forsaken in my climb up. Teach me how to harness my strength and fly like an eagle. AMEN.