Romans 8:37 Devotional On VICTORY’S TALISMAN

Daily Scripture Reading: Romans 8:37 KJV

Romans 8:37 KJV
(37)  Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

Today’s Devotional Is VICTORY’S TALISMAN

Is there anything that can separate me from Christ’s love? This was the only question St. Paul thought worthy of consideration. He examines the extreme conditions of existence and reveals that they encompass all. First, he interrogates Existence–“death and life”; next, created Intelligences–“Angels, principalities, and powers”; next, the extremes of Time–“things present, things to come”; next, of Space–“height and depth”; lastly, the created Universe–“any other creature.” Each of these extremes are reviewed. He acts like a man who tests every link in the chain that he intends to swing over the abyss. He has thoroughly and passionately tested them all and is confident that God’s love can not be broken.

Strangely, we misunderstand and mistrust God’s Love and believe that His sufferings, sins and failures may make Him less loved. It is not the children who are strong and secure in their mother’s care, but the tiny, weak life that rests in the cot, unable or unwilling to show her affection. The world is full of death, pain, sorrow, sickness, sin, and failure that, far from being a separation from God’s love for us, can bind us closer.

Blessed Love! That comes to us from the heart Jesus Christ, the essence and eternal love of God. Nothing can stop, exhaust or intercept it. It is not our love for Him that matters, but His love for us. Since nothing can separate us and the love of God, He will continue to love us and pour into us all of His glory and life. We will be steadfast and unmovable in spite of our troubles, regardless of our infirmity or weakness. He will continue to help us win despite our failures and triumph over our defeats.

PRAYER for Today

Yea, throโ€™ life, throโ€™ sorrow, and throโ€™ sinning He will suffice me, because He hath sufficed. Christ is the ending, Christ was the beginning, Christ the beginning, Christ the end. Christ is Christ.