Anointing Oil in the Bible | Verses about Anointing Oil

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Anointing oil has been used since biblical times as a sacred way to sanctify, protect, and heal. The anointing oil in the Bible was usually made from a mixture of olive oil and spices, and was used for ceremonial purposes such as anointing kings and prophets. It was also used as a medicinal ointment for healing the sick. The most famous instance of anointing oil in the Bible is when Jesus was anointed by a woman at Simon the leper’s house (Mark 14:3–9; Luke 7:36–50; John 12:1–8; Matthew 26:6-13). This woman poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ head, and the disciples were indignant. But Jesus said she was anointing him for his burial. James 5:14 This Bible verse says the church … Read Bible Verses