Philippians 2:5 Devotional On CHRIST IS OUR EXAMPLE

Daily Scripture Reading: Philippians 2:5 KJV

Php 2:5 KJV
(5)  Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

Today’s Devotional Is CHRIST IS OUR EXAMPLE

The Apostle cites the amazing description of the Lord’s descent into our sorrow and shame to help us understand how we can use it to inspire and motivate ourselves to not only look at our own possessions but also to not hold onto them tightly, but to learn from Jesus Christ who was the instrument that God used to accomplish His redeeming purpose.

The Apostle, guided by the Spirit of God opens his imagination and faith and places one point upon God’s throne and the other upon Jesus’ Cross of shame. He then shows us how He came closer to us in our lowest estate so that He could carry us back to God’s throne. He also showed us that He can identify Himself with our sorrow and sin, which will eventually lead to His glory with the Father.

Let this mind be within you. Kepler, the great astronomer, stated, while turning his telescope towards the stars, “I am thinking over and again the first thoughts God.” We can still think of earlier thoughts than those that have been written on the heavens or earth by God’s finger. Some of the thoughts that filled Jesus’ heart before the foundations of the world are possible to think.

The Apostle asks us to think like Jesus did. Don’t look only at your own interests. Do not allow anything to stop you from following God’s leading. To be able to help others, we must let go of ambition and glory. It is impossible to be with Jesus on His throne, or assist Him in his great mission. Many people who want to sit on His right or left side of His throne won’t be able to do so because they refuse to accept His cross, shame, spitting, misunderstanding, and hatred. Or we will never be worthy to stand before Jesus Christ. We must accept the low seat, perform the unseen tasks, and refuse any honour that comes from humans.

PRAYER for Today

O Lord, we ask that you fill us with these thoughts all day so that our earthly lives may be filled with the spirit of Heaven. We can go about our daily business like those who have seen God’s face and are filled with the light from the Other World. AMEN.