Daily Scripture Reading: 1 John 3:14 KJV

1 John 3:14 KJV
(14)  We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death.


It is a comforting fact to know that the Apostle does not view Love as a purely emotional or sentimental matter. Every reference points to action! We are to strive to emulate His example (1Jn_3-16). The commandment is to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our duty is not to be selfish, but to show compassion and help others in need. We will feel the same if we start with loving and kind actions. People often come to me expressing their feelings of lovelessness towards another person. I have asked them to act with love and make the other person the center and object of my ministry. The invariable outcome is the rekindling and refreshing of the hot geyser springs of affection.

Don’t wait to feel love. Instead, start showing it immediately. God will allow you to walk out in faith and God will bless you with grace. Such love is self-giving, and it is the gift from the Spirit of God. The heart of man can not provide the necessary conditions for this exotic flower to thrive on our cold soil. Although there may be some wild growths, they are not compared to the beauty of its flower and fruit. The love of God is the foundation of all things. It is a result of His Nature and is shed in our hearts by Holy Spirit who is given to us. “The fruit is love,” and when we become one with Christ through faith, the Holy Spirit will shed the love of God in our hearts, so that we can love with God’s Love.

When we are willing to sacrifice our own interests for the good of another person, we know we were born from above. This is not because we have an affinity or natural love for him but because God has given us both this gift. Beware of hatred and dislike towards others. It is important to eradicate it through generous action or it will cause darkness in our lives (1Jn_2 :9-11).

PRAYER for Today

God of patience, grant us the ability to share our burdens and to love one another. Teach and assist us all to live in peace, and to love truthfully. Let go of all bitter resentments and let the law for kindness infect our hearts. AMEN.