Colossians 9:7-8 Devotional On WISE USE OF MONEY

Daily Scripture Reading: Colossians 9:7-8 KJV

“Every man should give according to his heart. Not grudgingly or out of necessity. God loves a cheerful giver. God can make all grace abundant toward you, so that you may be able to do all good works, having all the sufficiency in all things. — 2Colossians 9:7-8.

Today’s Devotional Is WISE USE OF MONEY

We must not consider money ours. On every coin, you can see the letters: DG., by the Grace of God. Money is God’s gift. “Both wealth and honor come from Thee. David was correct when he stated that, after his people and to God’s work, he had given a noble gift: “Of Thine Own Have We Given Thee.”

You say, “I earn my wealth by sweating my brow.” You can accept that; however, “thou shalt keep the Lord thy God in your mind; for He is the one who gives thee the power to gain wealth.” God is the one who allows us to maintain our circumstances; He delivers us from paralysing diseases, keeps us balanced and gives us strength each day. Isn’t it our constant confession that we have given Christ all that we are, and that this consecration, if anything, means that all that is ours, we would say to God: “What wouldst Thou have us to do?”

Our duty is to care for our children (1Ti_5;8) A certain amount of capital is necessary for growth and employment of workers. If a man makes a good use of his capital, making a reasonable profit and allowing his employees to share in the excess, he does more good than if he gives away his property and distributes a pound to many beggars. We are called to be good stewards of Jesus Christ. This is His own example (Mat_25.14).

To guard against the love for money, it is important to set aside a specific amount to support the cause of Christ. This caution is necessary for all who are to give their entire income to Christ. Our hearts can be so fickle that we often imagine we are giving away more than we actually are. This is unless our balance between Christ, ourselves and our income is adjusted accurately. Although it is impossible to determine the right proportion for each other, we should make sure that we deduct this amount from our income and wages. First, you must give yourself to Christ and all other things will follow (2Co_8.5)

PRAYER for Today

Dear Lord, help me to follow in Thy footsteps. Teach me, Lord, how to give and find, according to Thy word. AMEN.