Genesis 32:28 Devotional On GOD WRESTLING with MAN


Genesis 32:28: And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.

Today’s Devotional Is GOD WRESTLING with MAN

This story of Jacob and the angel wrestling with him is a reminder of God’s desire to remove all that hinders our highest and best lives, while we resist with all of our might. Jacob had a lot of evil, so God sent an angel to help him. He was able to hold his own initially, but God will touch whatever allows a soul God intends to bless to stand against Him. It might be as simple as a sinew but if it takes us away from spiritual blessing, God will touch. Although it may seem small, its evil influence on our souls will cause our scheming and strength to fail.

Jacob gave up his defense and resistance and instead clung to the Adversary. This attitude is good, because God is able to do anything for those who cling to Him in absolute weakness ( 2Co 12:7-9).

Three things took place: A changed name which indicated a change in character. Israel is “prince with God.” The weak vacillator, cheat, and supplanter became royalty! Only one path to royalty is possible: it is self-surrender, faith and faith. Power: As a prince, thou hast power with God and with men. (R.V. marg.) marg.) The Beatific Vision: “I’ve seen God face-to-face.” After a night of wrestling, our moments of vision are after that. Although the price is high, the vision far exceeds it. The glory that will be revealed is worth all our sufferings. This is the life! We see the Angel of Love as the dawn breaks, and Christ meets us to give us the royalty of the sons God.

PRAYER for Today

We are grateful to Thee, O God for our sins and our inconsistencies and our backslidings. We would give ourselves to Thee. We would be like a rock to the seducing forces of the flesh and the world, but as soft as clay to Thy touch. Your Holy Spirit will strengthen us and make us perfect in all things. AMEN.