Genesis 4:9 Devotional On MY BROTHER!

Daily Scripture Reading: Genesis 4:9 KJV

Genesis 4:9 KJV
(9)  And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?

Today’s Devotional Is MY BROTHER!

Whatever else it was, MAN’S FALL resulted in a total change of his centre. He was created in the image of God and God’s nature makes him completely selfless. God’s purpose and will were the only rules of man’s existence, until our first parents made the decision to substitute the pleasure of self with the will and law God. The self-life has been the dominant principle of humanity since that time. The essence of life is self-service.

We don’t know the reason for the differences in Cain’s and Abel’s dispositions. Although there are some clues and suggestions, the true reason these brothers were so different is still a mystery. However, the like of it can still be seen in our homes. The clue is provided by St. John in his first Epistle. He says Cain killed his brother because of his evil works and his brother’s righteousness.

God confronted Cain and warned that sin was waiting at his door, ready to intrude. He warned Cain to be vigilant and to not let it intrude. Cain was made an outcast when he discovered that nature had reacted against him. Cain was slain by the blood of Abel, because all sin cries out to God. He is the Avenger, Vindicator, and Judge of those who, in simple faith and faith, have placed their trust in Him. Thank God, there is also a cry that is louder than Abel’s. It pleads for mercy, not for judgement (Heb_12.24).

Because men choose to keep their own welfare above that of others, this world is filled with envy, jealousy and murder. The antipode to this story in Genesis is found in the first Epistle by St. John. It contains its corrective. When we love God first, our welfare revolves around the pivot of “I”. As we open our souls to the tidal waves of God’s love we rise above the jagged rocks that make up our self-life and enter the vast ocean of life which is indeed life (1Jn_3-17).

PRAYER for Today

Our Father! We need to be considerate of the needs of others and act in a generous manner towards them. Because we are Thy children and Thy endless resources are at our disposal, please help us. AMEN.