John 10:14 Devotional On CHRIST THE GOOD SHEPHERD

Daily Scripture Reading: John 10:14 KJV

John 10:14 KJV
(14)  I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.


GOD DOES NOT mean only benevolent or kind. It can also refer to genuine and truthful. It is often contrasted to the robber or the hireling. The former may be able to do his job well up until a point. He won’t abandon the flock for trivial considerations. He will get his wages! The hireling gives up when it comes down to the ultimate test, which is to risk his life. These shepherds are able to make a living by being pastoralists.

What a difference our Lord, the Good Shepherd, made for us by giving His life for our sheep. Were we so loved by Him? It will remain a mystery forever! He seeks out those who are part of His family but have wandered off to the dark side of sin. Jesus seeks the lost until he finds them. This is the way of Chief Shepherd.

The R.V. The rendering brings out Christ’s intimate knowledge of His flock: “I know Mine, and Mine know me; just as the Father knows me, and I know him.” None knows the Father except the Son, and the Father is unknown to none but the Son. The Lord Jesus Christ knows us all in the same intimate and certain way. He understands our emotions, our worries and our hopes. He can soothe our bitterness as only a stranger can. It’s good to know this, because we don’t need to go into any labored explanation about ourselves.

Christ seeks out those who are not part of a particular fold (Joh_10,16). There will be many folds. Because of the way that their minds are constructed, men can always see Truth from different angles. Others don’t see this and believe that if we don’t believe the same as them, we are not entitled to claim that we belong to the flock. They don’t realize that although there are many folds, there is only one flock (R.V.). No matter what your particular fold may be, the most important question you need to answer is this: Do YOU hear and obey the Shepherd? If you are, then you belong to the same flock and no one will take you from the Shepherd’s hands (Joh_10,27-28 R.V. ).

PRAYER for Today

O Lamb of God! Who art in the midst the Throne? But wilt be our Good Shepherd, and walk the rough path of this world with every trembling heart. We can be satisfied with Thy provision, and we can follow Thy example. AMEN.