Luke 14:33 Devotional On What it means to be a Christian

Daily Scripture Reading: Luke 14:33 KJV

Luke 14:33 KJV
(33)  So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.

Today’s Devotional Is What it means to be a Christian

THREE TIMES in this chapter, our Lord speaks these solemn words to His disciples: “he cannot become My disciple.” Three conditions are required for discipleship. We must first be ready to prioritize the first thing; second, be willing to endure daily crucifixion; and third, be free from all things because we are attached to Christ. These conditions may seem harsh, but we must fulfill them if Christ’s School is to be entered.

Disciple is an acronym for learner. The Kingdom of God is ready to teach us its mysteries, but we must be determined to follow His lead. Prioritize the first. Our Lord clearly meant that our love for Him must be so great that our natural affection towards Him will seem as though it were hatred when he used the word hate. Our Lord could not have loved His Mother better than He did. In His final hours of suffering, His thoughts and care were for His Mother. However, He left her behind on three occasions. Sometimes we are called to abandon those closest and dearest to us if their demands are not in line with Christ’s.

The daily cross. Each of us has the self-principle. And each of us must constantly deny ourselves. While some may refer to the cross as something they do not understand, its true meaning is shame and suffering. This truth can be felt deeper into our roots as we age. You have the opportunity to grow in your understanding of Christ’s death and to be able to give up your will and your way.

Renunciation. Sometimes, it is necessary to give up all that we own for Christ. Other times, He may ask us to keep all for Him and His stewards. One person cannot set the rules for another. It is important to ask yourself this question: “Am I ready to follow Christ’s lead; to allow Him to mold it and to give my life to Him to make it happen?” All else will follow.

PRAYER for Today

O Lord, save my life! May I be Thine, wholly Thine and at all cost, Thine. Thine in humiliation, poverty, and self-denial. Thine in the manner Thou knowst to be most appropriate, so that Thou mightest ever be mine. AMEN.