Mark 9:43 Devotional On MAIMED: BUT FULLER LIFES

Daily Scripture Reading: Mark 9:43 KJV

Mark 9:43 KJV
(43)  And if thy hand offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into hell, into the fire that never shall be quenched:

Today’s Devotional Is MAIMED: BUT FULLER LIFES

OUR LORD asks all those who love Him and want to follow Him to be living sacrifices. This means that they will have to be exposed to salt with its searching sting and fire with its consuming flame (Mar_9,49). When He is in such moments, He reminds us that something is preventing our highest ideals. There is only one option: even if it’s dear to our right hand or feet, we must get rid of it! It is better to keep the faculties and members of the body pure and righteous. They are the most valuable assets for a productive life. Amputation is not an option to death or Gehenna, the garbage-heap of Jerusalem.

Our Lord was wise when He advised that we “Cut it off!” It is best to strike one quick, unstoppable blow at the beginning. It could be a friendship that is making us stumble, or an evil habit that is draining our nervous energy, or even a harmless form of entertainment. Whatever hinders our spiritual progress, if it cannot be controlled and kept in check, we must surrender it to the knife. In our efforts to keep and control, we often cause ourselves more pain than when we try to remove it completely and forever.

However, Maimed lives can still be full and strong. These words are: “Enter into life, maimed.” While some people place the emphasis on their sacrifices and losses, others focus on the joy and glory of life and ignore the harshness of the gate they are pressing. They are indeed maimed but they lose the lower and gain the higher through the Cross. If we are willing to follow the ideals that call to us from the high, snowcapped peaks above, there are many great compensations. Give up all that hinders or blocks your highest life and fountains will spring forth that will make the desert bloom and sing. Isn’t this better than being a castaway in Christ’s hands as unclean or useless?

PRAYER for Today

Our Lord Most Blessed, may we drink so much of Thee that we are willing to give up all that is preventing us from following You completely and forever. AMEN.