Matthew 11:6 Devotional On A NEW BEATITUDE

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:6 KJV

Matthew 11:6 KJV
(6)  And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

Today’s Devotional Is A NEW BEATITUDE

OUR LORD placed within His reach His noble Forerunner, the blessings of those that have not seen but have believed; those who trust Him even though they are slain and those who wait for the Lord’s pleasure; those who can’t understand His dealings but who rest in His goodness. This is the virtue of the unoffended, which is those who don’t stumble over the mysteries of God’s dealings in their lives.

We can also reach this Blessedness. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the mysteries of nature and life. The world is filled with so much pain and sorrow that strong hearts feel like they are breaking under the weight of it all. Sometimes God’s children are the hardest to please. They are the most bitterly tested. The fires of hell are stoked seven times. They are challenged by the enemy of their souls with the taunt “Where is your God?”

Perhaps you and I were in this same predicament. “Hath God forgotten His gracious mercies?” We’ve said. Are His tender mercies being shut down by Him in anger? We are susceptible to stumble and to lose sight of the mysteries of God’s workings. This is when we can inherit this new beatitude. We can’t be submissive to the will of God if we keep asking questions, chafing and murmuring at His appointments. This would make it impossible for us to enter rich, unalloyed happiness. If we can quieten our minds like a child, and wash our faces and anoint our heads, the light of the eternal dawn will enter our lives. We will be able to rest in the peace of God, which will keep our hearts and minds at ease.

PRAYER for Today

Forgive us our sins, our faithless weeping, and our pleading murmurs. We are able to live more richer, richer and deeper experiences because of the tide of Thy love. We should know what it means to have Christ within us, the Hope for Glory. AMEN.