Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 19:2 KJV

Matthew 19:2 KJV
(2)  And great multitudes followed him; and he healed them there.


A SENTENCE that was once spoken in a Roman theatre and received with thunderous applauses was abundantly true about the Son of Man: “I am a Man, nothing that touches humans is foreign to me.” This was His earthly life. We have plenty of evidence in the Gospel story.

Our Lord blesses husband and wife when they live in holy marriage; He takes their children into His arms; encourages young women with lofty ideals; warns them against the evil use wealth and power; and promises those who are willing and able to go through this life without the comforts of home, parents, or children, that they will be inexorably compensated.

Jesus will share every phase of human life, no matter how difficult or challenging. He is open to sharing all of our lives with Him and waiting to inhale the perfect love fragrance through all of them. This is a blessing that we all need but so many people miss. Why is it that so many marriages end in disaster? It is often because each person seeks more to get than to give, and to be ministered to than to minister. The wedding bells would continue to ring through the years if each was inspired by a love that makes the other the centrepiece of thought, care, and tenderness.

Christ’s love is so appealing that boys and girls will look up to Him when He is presented rightly. Alas! We have so often forbidden them by our sinful example and failure. We are so poor in our response and appreciation for His love! While we are happy to live a moral, respectable, and well-lived life, when it comes time to follow Him and give up wealth, position, or self-pleasing to Him, we often turn our backs! We love His teachings and ideals, but we often turn our backs on Him because we truly love ourselves more than He loves us!

PRAYER for Today

Higher than the highest heavens

Deeper than the deepest ocean

Lord, Thy love has at last triumphed

Please grant me my soul’s request,

None of yourself, and all of Thee. AMEN.