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Peter raised a woman named Tabitha (or Dorcas) from the dead in Acts 9:36-43. This powerful Bible story shows the Holy Spirit was working to confirm the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the one and only Son of God. Read the following Dorcas Bible verses in your personal devotion quiet time or when preparing a Bible lesson on the miracle of Tabitha in the Bible.

Tabitha in the Bible: Acts 9:36-43 New International Version

Acts 9:36-43 NIV  In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (in Greek her name is Dorcas); she was always doing good and helping the poor.  (37)  About that time she became sick and died, and her body was washed and placed in an upstairs room.  (38)  Lydda was near Joppa; so when the disciples heard that Peter was in Lydda, they sent two men to him and urged him, “Please come at once!”  (39)  Peter went with them, and when he arrived he was taken upstairs to the room. All the widows stood around him, crying and showing him the robes and other clothing that Dorcas had made while she was still with them.  (40)  Peter sent them all out of the room; then he got down on his knees and prayed. Turning toward the dead woman, he said, “Tabitha, get up.” She opened her eyes, and seeing Peter she sat up.  (41)  He took her by the hand and helped her to her feet. Then he called for the believers, especially the widows, and presented her to them alive.  (42)  This became known all over Joppa, and many people believed in the Lord.  (43)  Peter stayed in Joppa for some time with a tanner named Simon.

Dorcas Restored to Life: Acts 9:36-43 King James Version

Acts 9:36-43 KJV  Now there was at Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha, which by interpretation is called Dorcas: this woman was full of good works and almsdeeds which she did.  (37)  And it came to pass in those days, that she was sick, and died: whom when they had washed, they laid her in an upper chamber.  (38)  And forasmuch as Lydda was nigh to Joppa, and the disciples had heard that Peter was there, they sent unto him two men, desiring him that he would not delay to come to them.  (39)  Then Peter arose and went with them. When he was come, they brought him into the upper chamber: and all the widows stood by him weeping, and shewing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, while she was with them.  (40)  But Peter put them all forth, and kneeled down, and prayed; and turning him to the body said, Tabitha, arise. And she opened her eyes: and when she saw Peter, she sat up.  (41)  And he gave her his hand, and lifted her up, and when he had called the saints and widows, presented her alive.  (42)  And it was known throughout all Joppa; and many believed in the Lord.  (43)  And it came to pass, that he tarried many days in Joppa with one Simon a tanner.

Meaning of Tabitha in the Bible: Acts 9:36-43 The Message Bible Paraphrase

Acts 9:36-43 MSG  Down the road a way in Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha, “Gazelle” in our language. She was well-known for doing good and helping out.  (37)  During the time Peter was in the area she became sick and died. Her friends prepared her body for burial and put her in a cool room.  (38)  Some of the disciples had heard that Peter was visiting in nearby Lydda and sent two men to ask if he would be so kind as to come over.  (39)  Peter got right up and went with them. They took him into the room where Tabitha’s body was laid out. Her old friends, most of them widows, were in the room mourning. They showed Peter pieces of clothing the Gazelle had made while she was with them.  (40)  Peter put the widows all out of the room. He knelt and prayed. Then he spoke directly to the body: “Tabitha, get up.” She opened her eyes. When she saw Peter, she sat up.  (41)  He took her hand and helped her up. Then he called in the believers and widows, and presented her to them alive.  (42)  When this became known all over Joppa, many put their trust in the Master.  (43)  Peter stayed on a long time in Joppa as a guest of Simon the Tanner.

FAW about Tabitha / Dorcas in the Bible Meaning

Who was Dorcas in the New Testament?

Dorcas was a woman who lived in Joppa and who made clothing for the poor. She became ill and died, and Peter restored her to life through prayer. Dorcas is an interesting figure in the Bible because she was both a model of generosity and also someone who experienced great tragedy. Her death highlights the power of God’s healing mercy.

What does Tabitha mean in the Bible?

Tabitha is a name that appears in the Bible, specifically in Acts 9:36. The name Tabitha means “gazelle” or “doe,” and was likely given to her due to her beauty. We see in Scripture that Tabitha was a woman who was noted for her good works. She was known for being full of love and generosity, always helping those in need. In fact, when she became ill and died, all the widows who she had previously helped came to weep at her funeral (Acts 9:39). It’s clear that Tabitha was not only a beautiful woman on the outside, but also in her gentle spirit.

Who was Dorcas in the New Testament?

The name Dorcas appears twice in the Bible, and it is translated as “gazelle” in both cases. In Acts 9:36, Dorcas is described as a woman who was full of good works and almsdeeds which she did. And in John 11:1-44, Dorcas is raised from the dead by Peter. So, the name Dorcas basically means “a woman of good deeds.” Dorcas (aka Tabitha) was a Christian woman who lived in Joppa, a city located on the Mediterranean coast of what is now Israel. She was known for her good works, specifically her habit of making clothing for the poor and needy. And it was because of these good works that Dorcas was brought back to life by the Apostle Peter.

What does Talitha mean in the Bible?

The name Talitha means “girl.” It is Aramaic, not Hebrew. The story of the woman who was healed by Jesus and whose daughter he raised from the dead is found in Mark 5:21-43. Sometimes Bible readers will confuse the names Talitha and Tabitha.

Are Tabitha and Talitha the same name in the Bible?

In the Bible, Tabitha and Talitha are two different names. Tabitha is mentioned in Acts 9:36 as a woman who was raised from the dead by Paul. Talitha is mentioned in Mark 5:41 as a little girl who Jesus healed of a sickness. While both names are biblical, they are not the same name.

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