Matthew 25:19 Devotional On THE DAY of RECKONING

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:19 KJV

Matthew 25:19 KJV
(19)  After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.

Today’s Devotional Is THE DAY of RECKONING

The THREE parables in this chapter are extremely important.

Each has a striking contrast. In each case, there are the possibilities of great joy or the inevitable sentence deprivation/rejection. Each side offers encouragement and instruction, while the other side is solemnly warning.

The parable of Virgins teaches us the importance of having sufficient reserves. It is also important to have more than the lamp of profession. It is also necessary to possess the oil of the gracious indwelling of the Holy Spirit without a price. It is impossible to value religion without His kindness and care.

The parable of the Talents teaches us that the greatest peril in Christian experience is not for the gifted or the most highly educated, but for the humblest and least talented. They are often unable to do much and do not do anything. They consider their one talent, which is to hide death, utterly ineffective. The smallest things are important to God! He doesn’t crush the swollen reed or quench the burning flax. He picks the foolish things in this world to confuse the wise, and weak things to confuse the things that are powerful.

The Judgment Of the Nations reveals that Christianity’s ultimate test is not in doctrine or profession, but in our love for those with whom Jesus has always identified Himself: the outcast and helpless and the sick and sorrowful, as well as the prisoner and stranger. The opposite of love to God is Love to man. Even now, the nations stand before His judgement-bar and some are being thrown on the garbage heap in front of our eyes.

PRAYER for Today

O Lord, I will not be shamed, but instead, help me to love and to fear Thee with my whole heart. I need to trust in Thy goodness even in the smallest things and hear Your praises at the end. AMEN.