Matthew 25:44 Devotional On THE DIVIDING LIE

Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:44 KJV

Matthew 25:44 KJV
(44)  Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

Today’s Devotional Is THE DIVIDING LIE

We cannot serve our Lord the same way as we did when His flesh was still around. However, He has now left behind His representatives and He will take what we do for Him. We are all debtors to all men. To each unit of the human family, we must repay a portion of our infinite debt to God the Son of Man. Mat_1:14).

This will not be a Credal line–not “How many do you believe?” It will not be a Credal one, but “How much do you believe?” A Practical one, however — “What did you do?” James, the Apostle, demonstrates that faith is demonstrated by works (Jas_2_14-20). It’s not enough to just say “Lord! Lord!” Or we will be rejected.

The Lord’s brothers are all over the globe. We meet the hungry and thirsty, homeless, strangers, sick, or imprisoned, and we are able to call them “Brother” and “Sister.” To help such people is to feel joy through the heart of our Redeemer. To see through the many disguises of our Lord, we must have the quick eyes and love to do so. St. Francis saw a leper on the roadside as he rode across a plain and asked for help. He dismounted and gave alms to the leper. He was riding off when he noticed Christ Himself standing there, and knew that he was allowed to kiss his Lord.

It is not common for saints to realize that they have done any direct work for Christ. The beauty of goodness lies in its modesty, unobtrusiveness, and the charm of childhood is it’s unconsciousness. It is a crime to not do it in Christ’s eyes. Moses said it was wrong to do wrong, while Jesus said it was wrong to not do right. Some were cast out, like men rejecting weeds, because they did not fulfill the Law of Love.

We should be consecrated to serving men, women, children, and God for His sake.

PRAYER for Today

Our Lord, help us to serve others and to provide for the needy, the homeless, and the outcast. We can show our love by showing our compassion and helping the least among Thy brothers. AMEN.